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As low as $85* per foot installed! Lifetime finish Warranty! 

* Top mount, 36" high, 5/4x4 preoiled Ipe top cap, 2"x2" 316ss posts with your choice of finish, 1/8" 316ss cable infill, 50' min required.


The "Straight Line"

Very simple straight line graining of the posts. 


The "Loopy"

The Loopy is a lighter version of the Crazy with more of a circular random pattern rather than the Straight Line.


The "Crazy"

The Crazy. Great light reflection and adds cool effects to all of the posts. The Crazy is standard on mounting plates.



Mahogany top cap. Available in 5/4x6, 2x4, and 2x6 sizes


Ipe top cap. Available in 5/4x4, 5/4x6, 2x4 and 2x6.

ESR uses only 316 grade s.s. for all of our post materials, cabling, tensionsioners, mounting plates, and all hardware. All materials are passivated before leaving for install. This is normally an extra option adding upwards of 10-20% of cost to others kit prices. We include this in our manufacturing process to insure a long lasting product finish. This is particularly important if the install is close to the ocean, where 304 grade s.s. or unpassivated materials will have much more maintenance. As added protection, we coat every finished install with Boeshield. A type of wax designed for aircraft parts by Boeing, included in every install.

Our post finish is available in 3 different types. The Straight line. The Loopy, and The Crazy. 

We also have two standard top cap choices. Mahogany or Ipe. Both are available prestained, or in natural finish if you choose to have it naturally grey out with the sun. Other top caps are available like rectangular or round s.s. or other types of hardwood upon request. Mahogany has a 50 year life expectancy when cared for, and Ipe has a much longer life expectancy and is our more popular option.

Empire Stainless Railing can add a very high end look to your deck or patio or stairs or pool surround, at the same cost as lower quality products that will have much more maintenance or frequent replacement cycles.

Custom Design and Installation

If you have design parameters that our current designs do not fall into, we can custom make railings based on your ideas or plans. We can help in this design criteria to come up with something that not only fits your needs, but will be cost effective from a manufacturing point of view also. Our standard 2x2 square posts with cable or glass infill will always be the most cost effective though. 

Installation Areas

Currently we cover the Portland metro area, Seaside, Astoria, Newport, Lincoln City, and all of the Oregon coastal towns. Depending on job size, we have about a 150 mile install radius from Portland metro area.

Franchise Opportunities 

Franchise opportunities will be available soon. Looking for experienced contractors who are interested in a great business opportunity installing and selling ESR railing systems in their area! More info coming soon.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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