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We have made it very easy for customers to get pricing and installation. Simply contact us and we can discuss the different options available for your project. Then email us a copy of the plans, even if it is just non-scaled measurements and a rough drawing, and a few pictures of the area to be installed. From that information we can create an installed price proposal. At that point we can set up a site visit to finalize the proposal and answer any questions you may have and show product samples. 

 At this point we can set up an install date for you project!

Not having to decide on one of the many kit companies available, shipping and wait time, then having to find experienced installers. All of which can add months to the project in build time, shipping time, and multiple quotes and timelines from installing contractors. We have made the process easy for customers with dealing only one company, and one timeline!! Best of all, with our model of doing both the manufacturing and install, we are coming in at about 1/2 of the installed price of other stainless railing systems and much less wait time!!


Beaverton, Oregon




About the Owner

Scott Rowland, owner of ESR, has spent the last 22 years as owner of Empire Contractors doing all types of commercial and residential projects. 8 years prior to starting his own contracting company, he spent building custom homes for one of Oregons most prestigious custom builders where he learned a level of craftsmanship held only by people in the top of their industry.

Since starting Empire Contractors, quite a bit of that time was spent specializing in custom decks and railings. Having lots of experience with most of the available railing systems and their installations. 

 In the extra time not working on others projects, he has 30 years of high end car building and design experience. From building race motors, painting, metal working, wiring, to body/aero design. He has won top honors at many national shows in his class competing against some of the famous names in the industry. It is this level of finish and attention to detail that crosses over into his construction projects also. 

 Along with building cars, he has made many high end car products under the SVRTech name. Such parts as high end exhausts, upgraded suspension components, polyurethane bushing kits, and other high end performance pieces. This experience helped to learn cost efficient manufacturing processes.

  Empire Stainless Railing is a natural melding of these talents and experience to ensure you will be getting the best product for the price, in a product that will last a lifetime!

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